Worthless Agreement

The bilateral deal is widely seen as a response to a rival deal between Turkey and the Libyan government in Tripoli that has exacerbated tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean region as well as Turkey`s controversial oil and gas exploration in marine waters. Egypt announced on Thursday that it had signed a bilateral agreement with Greece on the demarcation of maritime jurisdiction between the two Eastern Mediterranean countries. It also noted that Egypt had already abandoned 11,500 square kilometres of its continental shelf with an earlier agreement it had signed with the Greek Cypriot Government in 2003. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the announced maritime agreement between Cairo and Athens “worthless, with no impact on the issue of exclusive economic zones in the Eastern Mediterranean. He told Luke that the deal was still worthless. Please don`t allow a worthless contract to happen to you. The Turkish Foreign Ministry criticized the “so-called deal” in a statement, saying Greece and Egypt have no common maritime border and that the deal is “null and void” for Ankara. 3. Termination clauses should be interpreted as encouraging employers to draft agreements in accordance with the law. If the only consequence an employer has of drafting a termination clause that is not complied with would be an order requiring compliance, then there would be no incentive to draft a legal termination clause from the outset. Prendergast ruled that the courts were not able to consider claims based on Aboriginal or Aboriginal title.

The Treaty of Waitangi was “worthless” because it had been signed “between a civilized nation and a group of savages” who were unable to sign a treaty. As the Treaty is not re-entered into national law, this is a “mere nullity”. Almost every week, at least one of our Chinese lawyers – after a five-minute review – has to tell a potential client that their contract is worthless. We see all kinds of worthless contracts. NDA and NNN agreements, manufacturing agreements, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, product development agreements, employment contracts. It goes on and on. And so I`m tempted to ask why these companies would think that a U.S. treaty calling for dispute settlement in Boston or Des Moines would make sense in China, so I still refrain from doing so, and I`ve seen a few Doozies, including the following: He was against the deal at the time and is now the national media spokesperson for Sustainable Australia. He added that the area demarcated in the agreement was on the Turkish continental shelf, as Ankara reported to the United Nations.


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