Walgreens Vendor Agreement

The Walgreens Supplier Diversity Initiative remains a proud legacy of supporting entrepreneurship growth, community development and job creation. Learn how to become a supplier with Walgreens on SupplierNet. Here`s how to register as a creditor. All suppliers applying to distribute products or services with the company must sign the Walgreens confidentiality agreement at the same time as the Walgreens General Trade Agreement before reviewing its application. Lender applications are verified by the product category manager and applicants are notified if they have been accepted or refused. The verification process can take up to 90 days. Licensed suppliers must read and accept the Wallgreens Vendor Compliance Manual, which provides manufacturing rules, recommendations and expectations. The manual is published on the Walgreens Supplier Web portal. The manual includes supplier agreements and insurance requirements, item and catalog management, supplier and liability profile management standards, e-commerce, accounting requirements, safety sheets for materials data, and compliance with supplier shipment. Buyers are generally held to a very strict level of sales volume that they must encounter, and that is why they are risk averse.

Your role as a supplier or supplier is to convince them that shoppers who go into stores not only know what you are selling, but are actively looking for the product in store. Licensed creditors receive a marketing lender number and instructions to share data with the company. After you create your account, Walgreens will send you a system statement and a guide with step-by-step instructions to change or change your account via email. You can apply to Walgreens by registering for vendor.walgreens.com and print out the questionnaire from the supplier that is being applied. Send the app with three product samples. Include the product category of the sample. Attach a copy of your liability insurance certificate.

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