Txdot Donation Agreement

ROW closes the closing procedures of the title company in the case of a partial donation and an arrest warrant. ROW then proceeds to register the deed of gift in the official property registers of the county where the property is located. A private organization can participate in a TxDOT highway construction project by donating money or material goods. TxDOT can only accept a private interest in a TxDOT highway construction project if it finds that the private participation serves the interest of the itinerant public. Donations from individuals must meet the requirements of TAC 43 ยง1.506, including, if necessary, commission authorization and the performance of a donation contract. The Executive Director may authorise the acceptance of a gift or gift if the Executive Director finds that: ROW is informed that an owner wishes to donate property. ROW receives an original agreement and an original act, both performed by the donor. The Texas Transportation Commission has adopted rules for accepting donations. 43 TAC Cap. 1, Subch. Mr. TxDOT has the right to recognize donations for highway services such as mowing, garbage and debris collection, travel services, maintenance of security areas, travel information centers and toll bridge infrastructure.

43 TAC Cap. 12, Subch. K. For more information, please contact Gene Powell at [email protected] or (432) 498-4746. The Commission has adopted rules for any donation of immovable property in Sections 43 of TAC 1.500-1.506. The donor and TxDOT must execute a donation agreement signed by the Executive Director or Row Division Manager for each property donation. To do this, use Form ROW-N-143 Donation Agreement or Form ROW-N-145 Partial Gift Agreement. The ROW Program Office will inform ROW of the acceptance of TxDOT as a transmission measure accompanied by a copy of the donation contract concluded and the arrest warrant if it is a partial donation. A property owner may donate property in exchange for construction characteristics or services. These agreements must be coordinated with the Contractual Services Division. The value of the gift is limited to the market value of the donated property, less the cost of building land or services. If the value of the donated property exceeds the cost of the construction features or services, the difference may be eligible for a federal credit on the state`s share of the project costs.

TxDOT is working on more than a dozen different projects with sand mines in the region. Many companies are working on agreements to pay for improvements at sites with heavy commercial vehicle traffic, out of a total of hundreds of vehicles per day. Use standard deed forms to make partial donations. Any changes to the language content of the standard deed forms must be approved in advance by the ROW Program Office, as indicated in the standard transmission forms. ROW keeps the original of the signed deed and submits a donation package to the ROW Program Office for verification and acceptance. .

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