The Eu-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (Epa)

Nevertheless, the definition and decision on a small number of political priorities does not guarantee that Brussels and Tokyo will go beyond the faster adoption phase of policies. In fact, the past has shown that Brussels and Tokyo are not acting quickly. However, this issue should be clarified when common declarations and policies come out of the new EU-Japan Joint Committee, the forum at which Brussels and Tokyo discuss twice a year and decide what should be launched next. The last second joint committee was held in Brussels on 31 January 2020, one year after the provisional application of the SGT on 1 February 2019. It should be noted that the G.S.O. is only applied on an interim basis, as it has not yet been definitively approved. The agreement will enter into force after the agreement is ratified by all EU members (the Japanese Parliament ratified it in December 2018). It also includes obligations to comply with multilateral agreements and to ratify international labour organization (ILO) conventions. The signatories asked the European Parliament to launch a rapid ratification process after the signing of the agreement on 17 July 2018. MEPs on the Trade Committee gave the green light to the aim of the EU-Japan agreement. Origin is the “economic” nationality of goods traded in trade. It is origin that determines the duties and taxes applicable to a product when it is exported abroad.

The EU-Japan EPA, recently… The Economic Partnership Agreement between the European Union and Japan, signed on 17 July 2018, came into force on 1 February 2019. At a time of growing trade tensions, this agreement sends an important signal to support open and mutually beneficial global trade based on high standards. This agreement guarantees better access to the Japanese market and, therefore, new export opportunities for European and French producers, particularly those selling beef, pork, cheese, processed products, wines and spirits; On 9 October 2012, JETRO organised a seminar with Sciences Po. Paris on the future of the EU-Japan Partnership for Growth. Government, science and industry spokespeople discussed the impact of the UE-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) or the Economic Integration Agreement (EEA) on economic growth in Europe and Japan.

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