Sample Nonprofit Board Confidentiality Agreement

Once the privacy policy is complete, the Board of Directors must formally approve it at a board meeting. The secretary of the board of directors should link or combine with the organization`s privacy policy and conflict of interest policy. The directive should be enshrined in the statutes and included in all copies of the board`s manuals. Loyalty obligations mean that board members must act honestly and put the well-being of the organization ahead of their own interests. A breach of confidentiality can be motivated by a number of reasons. Three of the most common are the disclosure of confidential information discussed at a board meeting, the disclosure of personal data and conflicts of interest. The Secretary of the Board of Directors should contain information about the privacy policy during the orientation of the board member and ask the new members of the Board of Directors to sign a statement stating that they have read it and agreed to comply with it. What happens when a chairman of the board of directors tries to participate little in board meetings with… Cards should indicate in the privacy policy whether they allow audio or video recordings, as well as the circumstances in which they are allowed – and not. Confidentiality also means that board members must respect the confidentiality of any personal or sensitive information they receive while serving on the Board of Directors. One component of good governance is the full and open disclosure of information in the meeting room. If board members cannot trust each other to maintain trust, this will have a negative impact on the governance of the non-profit organization.

Board members, individuals or non-profit organizations may suffer consequences if a board member or employee violates confidentiality, whether it happened without knowing it or not. The direct consequences may vary depending on the circumstances of the offence. The Board of Directors must be sure that the board members fully understand that, as soon as the board approves a decision, it will be a decision of the entire board. All members of the Board of Directors must comply. If board members do not agree with a confidentiality decision, they can register their disagreement. Members who seriously oppose the privacy policy or any other directive may choose to resign from the Board of Directors. Non-profit meetings are generally public.

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