Professional Golfer Sponsorship Agreement

The idea of putting a company name or logo on a golfer`s hat did not come from the golf industry. It was the device manufacturer Amana who offered $50 to pga Tour players during a four-day tournament to wear the company`s hat. Amana also put every golfer on the company`s health insurance. The PGA Tour Golfer Show get on TV makes them very attractive to companies that want to have seen their names as coast-to-coast golf fans. While golfers are not as on foot as many runners, he is a very rare touring player who does not at least bear the name of a sponsor on his hat. The secretariat is a leading independent consulting firm in the area of expert services and process consulting, with more than 140 professionals. The firm serves a wide range of global clients specializing in international arbitration and litigation; Major construction disputes focused on the analysis of delays and quantum analysis; Medidale accounting; economic damage and state treaties. Headquartered in Atlanta, the secretariat has 18 offices in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. For more information, visit, contact us on LinkedIn or contact us at [email protected]. Partners will have the opportunity to choose the sites where their brand will be visible, subject to availability and sponsorship. Even new Tour players can collect hat sponsorship. In 2010, according to Forbes, Tour professional Ben Martin signed a contract with Titleist the day after his professional time.

Although details of the deal were not disclosed, Forbes found that the standard Titleist minimum for a PGA Tour player is $150,000. In any case, Martin was wearing a company hat and glove and was carrying a titleist bag. All sponsorship packages are tailored to the sponsor`s needs. This page strives to provide some sample packages and answer a number of frequently asked questions. While each level of participation, sponsorship or support is gratefully accepted, the benefits of a sponsor can be customized and packaged. Sample packages for lead, secondary and support sponsors can be seen below. These are just examples, and there is total flexibility in sponsorship levels and associated advertising options. Simmons Bank announced today that it has signed contracts with four professional golfers who are currently on the Korn Ferry Tour, the PGA TOUR`s U.S.-based development tour.

Brand ambassadors collectively known as Team Simmons Bank include Will Zalatoris, Braden Thornberry, Kevin Dougherty and Dawson Armstrong. The PGA Tour`s “Player Endorsement Policy” limits what may appear on a player`s clothing, including his hat. Prohibited messages or images include anything that promotes the sale of alcohol, tobacco — except cigars and pipe tobacco — and any form of gambling. Images on a player`s hat or other clothing must be “tasteful” in terms of size and number. The directive recommends that no logo exceed 3 x 5 inches. In general, the Tour requires that images or messages on a player`s clothing be “tasteful and in accordance with the standards of decency expected by professional golfers.” The multi-year player sponsorship agreements follow the February announcement that Simmons Bank has taken over title sponsorship of the Korn Ferry Tour Nashville, renamed Simmons Bank Open for The Snedeker Foundation. The event was scheduled to begin this week, from April 30 to May 3, when 156 players fought for a $600,000 wallet. It was cancelled because of the COVID 19 pandemic. Dawson Armstrong, a graduate of Lipscomb University, turned professional in 2014. In 2019, he won the Mackenzie Tour and finished the season.

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