Operating Agreement Pjm

PJM has entered into agreements with stakeholders to ensure the reliability of the electricity grid. Agreements are with members, independent network managers, regional transportation agencies, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. The insurance agreement signed by all PJM organizations that sell electricity to the end customer sets obligations and standards for maintaining the reliability of the electricity grid. It contains provisions to ensure adequate capacity resources, provide emergency assistance and plan for the future needs of the system. PJM.com is currently maintained by the system. Changes accepted or pending by FERC are available on the Actual Documents page. Markets – Reliability Committee Update on Base Auction Schedule PDF The enterprise agreement must be signed by all organizations wishing to become members of PJM. It contains provisions defining how PJM acts as a regional transportation agency. It defines the duties and responsibilities of the PJM committee, the members` committee and the Interconnection Office (PJM`s management and staff). The tariff is the overall document that governs PJM`s activity. It contains the provisions for transmission service within the PJM region.

The tariff and revisions of customs and other administrative documents are subject to acceptance by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Authority, the PJM and other regional network organisations. PJMs and members who are ready to meet winter electricity needs; 65 million customers served PDF reliably until the summer of 2020.

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