Navy Sofa Agreement

1995: Agreement on the Status of U.S. Military and DOD Civilian Personnel Authorized to Stay in Albania as Part of the Search and Rescue Joint Military Exercise (SAREX). 2004: Additional Agreement to “the Agreement between the Member Countries of the North Atlantic Treaty and Other States Participating in the Partnership for Peace on the Status of their Armed Forces” on the Status of US Forces in the Republic of Albania On 17 November 2008, after months of negotiations, United States. Iraqi Ambassador Ryan Crocker and Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari signed two documents: (1) the Strategic Framework Agreement for Friendly and Cooperative Relations between the United States and the Republic of Iraq (Strategic Framework Agreement) and (2) the Agreement between the United States of America and the Republic of Iraq on the Withdrawal of The Armed Forces of the United States from Iraq and the Organization of their Activities of a Temporary Presence in Iraq (Security Agreement). 119 In a way, the agreements concluded differ from the long-term security measures initially provided for in the declaration of principle. Perhaps most importantly, the agreements reached require the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq by December 31, 2011. 5. The base commander and the commander of the United States Armed Forces may enter into agreements to prevent and extinguish fires, maintain appropriate sanitary and sanitary conditions on the base, and cooperate during the publication of the disaster. The Security and Strategy Framework Agreements entered into force on 1 January 2009 following diplomatic exchanges of notes between the United States and Iraq. Although the agreements had to be approved at several levels by the Iraqi government, the Bush administration did not submit the agreements to the Senate for consultation and approval as a treaty, nor did it request the legal approval of the agreements by Congress. Normally, medical personnel provide their services in hospitals and medical facilities of the United States Armed Forces in Spain, but can assist authorized persons in any place or facility where they may be located.

If these persons are in a Spanish hospital or medical institution, this assistance is always provided in agreement with the director of the institution. The Treaty on Cooperation and Mutual Security between the United States of America and Japan80 was concluded in 1960 and amended on December 26, 1990.81 In accordance with Article VI of the Treaty, the United States is “granted by its land, air and sea forces to contribute to the security of Japan and the maintenance of international peace and security in the Far East.” 82 art. VI also provides that the use of facilities and the status of the US armed forces are governed by a separate agreement83 similar to the previous security contract in 1952. 3. Local staff shall be personnel of Spanish nationality who are recruited by the Ministry of Defence to provide services to IDAS. With the exception of third-country nationals currently employed under previous agreements, no third-country staff may be recruited in operating and support establishments unless qualified Spanish staff are available. 1. If the Armed Forces of the United States deem it necessary to reduce the number of local workers, they shall launch consultations with the Spanish Ministry of Defence through the Standing Committee, unless such reduction is necessary by the action of the Spanish Government. These consultations include the reason for the reduction in the establishment plan.

If an agreement is reached, the Spanish Ministry of Defence shall inform the personnel concerned, within thirty days of the start of the consultations, of their dismissal, which shall take effect thirty (30) days after such notification. . . .

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