Ministry Of Labour Collective Agreement Database

The collective agreement comes into force on the date on which it is signed by the parties or from the date fixed by the agreement and remains in force throughout its duration. Section 27. Liability for failure to provide information necessary for collective bargaining or the monitoring process. Persons who represent the employer and are found guilty of failing to provide the information necessary for collective bargaining or monitoring of a collective agreement or agreement are liable to disciplinary action or a fine of three times the minimum wage by the courts. The collective agreement may include the following mutual obligations of the employer and the workers: in the event of restructuring of the enterprise, the collective agreement shall remain in force throughout its duration; it may then be revised on the initiative of one of the parties. Section 15. Collective Bargaining Information Services collects, analyzes and distributes information on approximately 13,300 collective bargaining relationships in Ontario. Section 3. Compliance of the collective agreement, agreement and employment contract with the legislation. The clauses of collective agreements and agreements concluded in accordance with the law are binding on all companies to which they apply.

With the exception of the legal provisions on financing, organizations or bodies set up or financed by employers, as well as executive bodies, management or political parties, are prohibited from negotiating the conclusion of collective agreements or agreements on behalf of workers. In the event of the dissolution of an enterprise in accordance with the procedure and conditions laid down by law, the collective agreement remains in force throughout the dissolution process. U.S. Dept. of the lab.

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