Medical Agreement

While every item in a medical service contract is important, the first item is often the most difficult to negotiate and the most important. Different sections of the first article indicate how long the clinic will be open and who is eligible. It also indicates whether the care provider will be a nurse or doctor and whether the service provider can make substitutions. In addition, the agreement offers guarantees of eligibility, describes the agreed level of care and describes the services that the provider will offer. a. CMP is an independent contractor and not an employee, agent, partner or joint venture with HCF or Freelance Clinician. HCF determines the services to be provided by CMP, but CMP determines the means by which it provides the services in accordance with this Agreement. THE SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED BY CMP UNDER THIS AGREEMENT ARE PROVIDED ENTIRELY AT CMP`S RISK. b. HCF instructs CMP regarding HCF`s specific guidelines and procedures for compliance with common commission accreditation standards, including, but not limited to, facility security procedures, equipment handling and services.c. Neither HCF nor Freelance Clinician are responsible for withholding income and may not withhold or deduct any indemnification, FICA or tax, or any kind, unless such withholding is required by law.

CMP exempts and defends all such taxes or contributions, including penalties and interest, HCF and Freelance Clinician. CMP will provide, upon reasoned request from HCF or Freelance Clinician.d, proof of payment of reasonable taxes on the compensation paid by HCF to CMP. CMP is not entitled to benefits received by HCF employees as a result of their HCF services, including, but not limited to, unemployment insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance, life insurance, paid leave, paid leave, pension, profit-making or social security. e. Until the expiration of four (4) years after the provision of services under this Agreement, CMP shall make available to the Secretary of the States Department of The United States Department of Health and Human Services or the Comptroller of the United States, or to one of their duly accredited representatives, upon written request, all books, documents and records necessary to take into account the nature and extent of the services provided under this Agreement. n to certify. It is an agreement. i.

The professional incompetence or negligence of the CMP;ii. CMP does not have any current and valid certification or license necessary to provide the Services under this Agreement;iii. CMP violates the standards of medical care applicable to services provided under this Agreement;iv. CMP does not present itself to HCF;v as expected and without notification. CMP violates HCF`s Drug Abuse Guidelines;vi. CMP violates HCF`s written guidelines applicable to the provision of services under this Agreement;vii. CMP does not meet the qualifications indicated in the vacancy notice # _____.viii. CMP violates the provisions of paragraph 9 of this MSA with respect to confidential information relating to HCF. In this clause, we must point out that the titles used in the agreement are simpler and must not limit the effect or alter the meaning or scope of the agreement. Medical service agreement: the contract between the employer and doctors or a person providing medical services considered to be service providers.

The medical service agreement is covered by the Contract Act 1876. It shall ensure that the medical service provider satisfies the medical services referred to in the medical service contract and provides services only to the specific parties.. . . .

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