Kitten Sale Agreement Uk

If I have not received the “registration form” before the kitten leaves (as can sometimes happen), I can provide the new owner with the blue GCCF transfer form or send the “registration form” to the new owner as soon as I receive it from the GCCF office. 1 a. Only cats/kittens needed for breeding purposes should be registered in the active register. All male cats used in the stud farm must have filed a certificate of completeness with the GCCF before registering their first kitten throw. Before buying a cat or cat as a pet, you should keep in mind that you are taking on a long-term responsibility. The kitten agreement was prepared by the GCCF Solicitor for use by Fancy members, where he wanted to apply certain conditions agreed at the time of sale. It is available in PDF format (see link on the left) for download and printing – you need Adobe Acrobat Reader 1. That the Seller acknowledges that PEDIGREE CAT has been vaccinated against influenza and enteritis at the time of sale, that it is deworming and that it is in good health, to the extent that the SELLER is able to do so. The VENDEURs also accept only after receipt of a signed copy of this document and after payment; The BUYER receives: – If the buyer`s premises are a multi-cat house, it is highly recommended to isolate the FAMILY TREE CAT for at least a week before being introduced to other cats/kittens already established in the BUYER`s house…

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