Four Agreements Exercises

Describe what Don Miguel means by “image of perfection.” Why does it cause so much suffering? What is your image of perfection? How does this image affect your happiness? Try to remember your earliest memories of what your mother, father, and close relatives told you about yourself. Then think about what other people outside your family have projected on you – friends, teachers, and other people who may have influenced you. 6. The third agreement is: “Don`t make assumptions.” Give some examples of why assumptions can cause so much suffering. Do you start from the most significant scenarios? […] PlanIt understands emotionsThis emotional lifeIdentify emotionsPractice of the four chordsDay […] What do you think of being a woman or a man today? 4. The first chord is, “Be blameless with your word.” Can you explain why this agreement is so powerful? Are you aware of the power of your word? What are some of the ways you have experienced the power of speech in your life? I will print this summary of the Four Agreements (to be found here) and take it this week to remember to practice it. Read this introductory video of the four chords (3:42) on Published with permission from Amber-Allen Publishing, Inc. The exercise that might help you overcome resentment 5. . .

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