Charter Ownership Agreement

In the event of an accident, follow the same procedure as above. In the case of a grounding, however, you or the charter company can only find well after the fact (during the annual extract) that your boat has failed, which a charter may have failed to disclose to the charter company. If the base is not able to send a diver to inspect any boat that comes back from the charter, which is not always possible, the charter company will probably only know that on the next transport. There`s nothing you can do about it. As you can easily understand, a boat that needs to be set aside for unforeseen maintenance does not generate revenue, and throws a key in the booking plan. In fairness, it is not an easy equation to solve, but it is what charter companies have to see. Thus, you may have some degree of understanding, but overall your yacht should be properly maintained in order to retain its value and avoid unforeseen maintenance. Remember that you play an important role. Conversely, Dream Yacht Charter offers a wider selection of nine different brands and collage with standard brand production yachts. they also have some interesting extra options. The first is the benefits program, which allows boat owners to commit two-thirds of charter revenues and access tax benefits. The flip side is that you have to pay the maintenance costs yourself.

It also has a crew yacht program suitable for boats on 45ft, where Dream finds the crew for you. 6.1.1 If the charterer notifies the owner in writing that he or she will resign from the Charter at least two full months before the start of the charter period, the advance is cancelled, but the charterer assumes no responsibility for the balance of payment (and if he and/or the surety or payment of the fuel and the claim have already been paid, he will be refunded and/or refunded). If the owner charters the vessel for the charter period for no less than the charter fee, half of the down payment will be refunded. In these circumstances, the owner will do everything reasonably in his power to re-charter the vessel and must not unduly withhold his consent to re-charter, although charters that can reasonably be considered detrimental to the vessel, its reputation or its schedule. The so-called charter property offers sailors the opportunity to buy boats at a discount, enjoy a lot of time on board and avoid the costly operating costs associated with direct ownership. In the case of a major structural defect – such as.B Rumpfosmose – you want the charter company to take care of the owner on your behalf. The contractor will recommend specific procedures for structural repairs with a court authorized to carry out the repair. If these rules are not followed, the warranty may be extinguished.

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