Bridgewater Associates Non-Compete Agreement

Minicone and Squire both worked as investment partners at Bridgewater for nearly five years from 2008 – Minicone, squire for three years from 2010, as shown by their respective LinkedIn profiles. Culture is certainly a werfnachder for the vast majority of people. The idea is that everyone helps each other to improve, which in principle seems great. Unfortunately, in practice, every diagnostic meeting begins with the premise: “Maybe you are not the right person for this role or business,” and it becomes very difficult to be objective and open about weaknesses when your livelihood is at stake. (This situation exacerbates this situation, as many people move to Bridgewater to work and are isolated from their domestic networks and alternative jobs. Long bans on non-competition and island culture make this situation worse.) Culture is dominated by bright people with limited experience, which leads to many “good ideas” that, in fact, only repeat old mistakes made elsewhere. The same intelligent people are encouraged to be a little deaf to other people`s new ideas. I found myself the same way, honestly; I had a hard time defending my independent point of view in the midst of this culture. But Bridgewater says that in mid-2012, Wang and Wu began working on creating their own hedge fund, registering Convoy`s web address and integrating the company into Delaware. After the expiry of his non-compete clause, Wang Bridgewater said he would market a hedge fund to institutional investors and change its investment strategy to focus on growth and inflation, the stumbling blocks of Bridgewaters AllWeather`s strategy. In 2013, Bridgewater claimed to have approved Wang`s request to amend its non-compete agreement with the hedge fund so that it could set up a small business to manage the savings of friends and family and subsidize its ballroom, but the hedge fund says it was led to believe Wang would not emulate the Framework of Bridgewater`s Weather All fund. Both Men Minicone and Squire left Bridgewater in 2013. Four years after his departure and two years after the expiry of their non-competition clause, Bridgewater initiated binding arbitration proceedings against him, according to the application.

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