Alberta Landlord Tenant Act Lease Agreement

A condominium owner who leases his or her home to a tenant must report a serious offence to the housing corporation in writing when a tenant does not meet any of its obligations under the ATR or when a tenant commits a number of breaches of the tenancy agreement and the cumulative effect is significant. The minimum interest rate that a lender must pay each year on a deposit is published below. The Service Alberta website provides a calculator that helps calculate the amount of interest due on a given bond based on the regulated interest rate. The premises you rent should be clean and in good repair. The inspection of the premises must be carried out by the landlord and tenant one week before or after moving into the rented premises. A checklist to determine the conditions of ceilings, walls, windows, stairs, vets, landings, floors, sanitary facilities, heaters, carpets, curtains, etc., should be used during the inspection. If the landlord conducts two inspections on different days, days that are not public holidays and between 8 .m. up to 8 a.m. .m. he can complete the inspection without the tenant. After the inspection, the landlord must provide the tenant with an inspection report describing the “state of the premises.” The lessor keeps a copy of an inspection report for at least 3 years after the lease is terminated. In addition to the rules of the tenancy agreement, the landlord can set the internal bylaw for all tenants.

Both the landlord and the tenant should have a copy of the rules. Some reasonable rules would be to restrict real Christmas trees, pets, barbecues, satellite dishes, smoking or water beds. Landlords can change or add rules during the lease with the agreement of the tenants. A landlord can enter the rental premises at any time with the tenant`s consent. Consent may be given orally or in writing. If the landlord has the tenant`s consent, no notification is required. A tenant who sublet or sublets the rental premises may be responsible for the balance of the tenancy agreement or may not be responsible for it, and may opt for legal advice. If the rental premises are not ready for the tenant at the beginning of the lease, the tenant can inform the landlord that he does not wish to pursue the tenancy agreement or can ask the Court of Queen`s Bench for the landlord to apply for the lease.

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