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where the client terminated the agency contract due to a delay in the commercial agent, which would justify the immediate termination of the agency contract in accordance with national law; On the occasion of a merger, Econocom, the client, and proposed by its commercial agent, SD Lease, the conclusion of a new agency contract modifying the basis and rate of its commissions – the rate of 6% of turnover is replaced by 9% of the gross margin – and includes a (…) 1. A commercial agent is authorized to engage in commercial transactions concluded during the period covered by the agency contract: the parties cannot depart from Articles 17 and 18 at the expense of the commercial agent before the expiry of the agency contract. where the order of the third party covered by section 7 was reached to the client or sales agent prior to the termination of the agency contract. The salesperson must control the behaviour of his own salespeople. This is the main lesson that can be learned from the judgment under comment. Company N, whose purpose is the marketing of dietary supplements, uses the exclusive services of Company C as part of a commercial agency contract in 2006; (…) The client should have executed the transaction after his agreement with the third party; Transparency and loyalty are characteristics of the relationship between the client and the sales agent when the sales agent was deprived of the commission that would have enabled him to properly execute the agency contract, when he would have conferred substantial benefits on the client related to the commercial agent`s activity. In any case, that is how the regulation of the agency contract provides for things, as is the case with the article. L. 134-4, paragraph 2, of the Code of Commerce means that “the relationship between the (…) 1. If an agency contract is concluded for an indeterminate period, any party may terminate it without notice. In this case, an intermediary had entered into a social contract in which he had to seek out buyers who wished to invest in residential real estate for a fee that was to be paid after the signing of the genuine sales contracts and the obtaining of the funds. A clause in the contract that is provided for the (…) 1.

For the purposes of this directive, an agreement limiting the activity of a sales agent after the termination of the agency contract is referred to below as the limitation of the trade clause. In a decision of 18 July 2018, the Paris Court of Appeal recalls the pickets and the consequences of the breach of the commercial agency contract. Its solution is worth reporting because it provides an overview of the fundamental issues in this area. After the recall of the (…) A fixed-term agency contract, which will be sued by both parties after the expiry of that period, is considered an indeterminate agency contract. The need to qualify a contract, supposedly as a commercial agency, can arise in an international context, a situation that raises not only the question of the application of the qualification criteria, but also, perhaps even more delicately, that of their identification. A contract entitled (…) This list is not exhaustive.

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